MIA Registered Agent Migration Agents Registration Number: 0639098



Everything you may expect of a Registered Migration Agent you will find with JustMigrate:

Do you want to know whether you are eligible for an Australian visa?
Please contact me for an assessment. The cost for an assessment is AUD 115. These cost will be settled once you decide to sign an agreement with JustMigrate.

JustMigrate is a registered young and professional Australian immigration office based in Adelaide, South Australia. I am Dutch myself and I am trained for Migration Agent in Australia.

Only Migration Agents registered with the Migration Agent Registration Authority are allowed to give immigration assistance in Australia. JustMigrate is registered under MARN 0639098 and is a member of the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA: 2552).

JustMigrate has almost 10 years of experience in the General Skilled Migration Visas and Family visas such as Partner and Fiance visa. The mission of JustMigrate is to give reliable immigration advice and to see to it that the visa application procedure proceeds as smoothly as possible. Because of my own immigration experience I will be able to provide you with optimal advice.

Not one person is alike and not everyone needs to be counseled for the entire visa application procedure. JustMigrate would like to break into this and therefore offer also the possibility to be counseled only for a specific part of the procedure e.g. the skills assessment or the State/family sponsorship. See Our Services.